1 in 6: Recommended Books for Parents of Abused Children

1 in 6, an organization aimed to help men who have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood, have various resources among which are books for parents of abused children.

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Using Healthy Masculinity

In this webinar hosted by Men Can Stop Rape, The “Using Healthy Masculinity to Engage College Age Men” Introductory Webinar, answers four questions: Why healthy masculinity? What is healthy masculinity? How can healthy masculinity help with prevention? And how can colleges and communities normalize healthy masculinity? The section asking “Why?” looks at the relationship between healthy masculinity and primary prevention. Responses to “What?” describe aspects of healthy masculinity. Answers to how it helps with prevention are based on the transformative and strength-based assets of healthy masculinity. And in the final section, the Spectrum of Prevention is presented as a way of normalizing healthy masculinity in colleges and communities.

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Podcast-Engaging Men on College Campuses: A Conversation

This podcast features Jonathan Gates of the Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force‘s Oregon Men Against Violence initiative. Jonathan provides insights into engaging men on college campuses, particularly in light of the recent rise in news coverage and student activism around rape culture on the nation’s campuses. Jonathan draws from his time coordinating a men against violence group at an Oregon university.

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Engaging Men on Campus Prevention and Intervention efforts

This webinar presented by Green Dot et cetera Inc., as part of the Campus Webinar Series, Seth Avakian, M.A. presented on “ Engaging Men on Campus Prevention and Intervention Efforts.” The web conference addressed effective ways to engage and motivate men around the issues of preventing Sexual Assault, Dating Violence and Stalking on campus. He discussed theories of leadership, organizational behavior and how to lead and advise all male groups.

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A CALL TO MEN to End Violence Against Women


Prior to delivering his endnote address at CALCASA’s 2010 Campus Training & Technical Institute in Las Vegas, CALCASA staff speaks with Tony Porter of A Call to Men about how he calls to “challenge the social norms that define manhood”. Watch as he discusses how violence is rooted in “the collective socialization of manhood”.