Queering the Curriculum LGBTQ Inclusivity in Sexual Assault Prevention

Through PreventConnect site, Ashley Maier talks to Molly Mclay and Alex Nelson about their session at the National Association of Student Affairs Professionals (NASPA) conference.

This podcast explored the First Year Campus Acquaintance Rape Education (FYCARE) program and changes made since its inception to increase the accessibility of the program and its content to LGBT students.

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This webinar presented by Prevent Connect’s Ashley Maier on January 23, 2015, participants will learn how to utilize trending topics effectively for their campus, and how to engage their community through social media. Colleges and Universities are constantly turning to social media and current events as a way to interact with their students. Come learn about the positive uses of the interweb and how to build close knit and well informed communities virtually!

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Comprehensive Prevention Efforts: How SARTs Can Play a Role

Through Oregon’s Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force, Ashley Maier and Alexa Priddy provide comprehensive information on how SARTs can play a role in prevention efforts.

Some of their advice includes examples prevention like:

  • community engagement efforts that seek to change norms about the acceptability of sexual violence and enhance protective factors that inhibit sexual violence from occurring;
  • efforts that engage youth and strengthen developmental assets;
  • and initiatives that promote the status of women and girls and focus on the issues of male sexual entitlement and violence.

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Podcast-Engaging Men on College Campuses: A Conversation

This podcast features Jonathan Gates of the Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force‘s Oregon Men Against Violence initiative. Jonathan provides insights into engaging men on college campuses, particularly in light of the recent rise in news coverage and student activism around rape culture on the nation’s campuses. Jonathan draws from his time coordinating a men against violence group at an Oregon university.

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