Trauma Survivors and Law Enforcement

This webinar hosted by East Central Oklahoma University STAABLE Program entitled “Trauma Survivors and Law Enforcement: Unintended Consequences & Righting the Ship”,  guest speaker David R. Thomas, M.S. from John Hopkins University, presented on trauma informed law enforcement response. He explained the culture of law enforcement, the importance of collaboration with the advocacy community, and how law enforcement can interview with a survivor centered approach.

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Engaging Men on Campus Prevention and Intervention efforts

This webinar presented by Green Dot et cetera Inc., as part of the Campus Webinar Series, Seth Avakian, M.A. presented on “ Engaging Men on Campus Prevention and Intervention Efforts.” The web conference addressed effective ways to engage and motivate men around the issues of preventing Sexual Assault, Dating Violence and Stalking on campus. He discussed theories of leadership, organizational behavior and how to lead and advise all male groups.

To listen to the recording please click here. To view the slides from the presentation please click here.

Title IX and Mandatory Reporting: Interpreting “Must Promptly Investigate”

This webinar presented by MSCASA joined with Victim Rights Law Center to present, Title IX and Mandatory Reporting: Interpreting “Must Promptly Investigate,” focused on the Dear Colleague Letter which issued Title IX guidance related to sexual assault. Lindy Aldrich, Esq., Deputy Director of Victim Rights Law Center presented on this topic.  She provided information about the language in the Dear Colleague Letter that addressed investigation and reporting while also discussing confidentiality and maintaining privacy within a multidisciplinary group.

To view the webinar slides click here. To view the recording click here.

Best Practices for Engaging Students as Part of Your Coordinated Community Response

This webinar presented by CALCASA, the topic was “Best Practices for Engaging Students as Part of Your Coordinated Community Response.” We discussed the critical roles students play on their campus CCRT and heard from two students about their experiences on campus. We concluded the webinar with Leona Smith Di Faustino, CALCASA’s Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator, exploring how to utilize students as CCR members and plan for student involvement. Thank you to all the OVW Campus Grantees who participated in CALCASA’s Campus Webinar Series.


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Working with Queer Identified Students who have Experienced Violence on Campus

This webinar presented by CALCASA,  the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, the largest LGBT specific service center in the country, presented on “Working with Queer Identified Students Who Have Experienced Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence or Stalking on Campus.” Lead Staff Attorney, Terra Slavin, and Client Advocate LaDawn Best from the Domestic Violence Legal Advocacy Project at the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center discussed working with queer identified students who have experienced sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking on campus. To view the webinar slides click here, to view to the webinar recording click here.

Engaging Campuses and Communities for SAAM

Today CALCASA hosted a web conference, “Engaging Campuses and Communities for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.” This web conference was part of the Campus Web Conference Series and had presentations from The University of Oregon and The New School who produced campaigns to saturate their campuses with messages about consent. Joining us to talk about the University of Oregon’s campaign was Abigail Leeder, Director, Sexual Violence Prevention & Education at the University of Oregon. From The New School the members of the sexual assault awareness and response team spoke about their development of the “Yes Means Yes” campaign:

  • Rhiannon Auriemma, undergraduate student, Feminist Collective founder, Health Promotion Specialist – Wellness and Health Promotion
  • Tracy Robin, Assistant Vice President, Student Health and Support Service
  • Maureen Sheridan, Director, Student Support and Crisis Management
  • Hannah Stravers, graduate student, Head Resident – Stuyvesant Park Residence Hall, Graduate Assistant – Student Support Office

Topics covered were how their campaigns were developed, barriers they faced, and how they worked with their campus community to spread awareness. In addition, the web conference highlighted how campuses can collaborate with local rape crisis centers to engage the broader community for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Jessica Renee Napier, CALCASA’s Media & Communication Specialist, shared the collaborative events being done around the country between campuses and their rape crisis centers. To download the PowerPoint from the web conference click here. To view the recording from the web conference click here.