A College Student’s Guide to Safety Plannning

This College Student’s Guide to Safety Planning provided by Love is Respect (.org) lays out how college students can prepare not only to orient themselves with their surroundings but have a plan on how to evade abusers or repeat harassers on campus. This guide helps to solidify emotional distress caused by dating violence trauma or sexual violence trauma against a student.



Trauma Survivors and Law Enforcement

This webinar hosted by East Central Oklahoma University STAABLE Program entitled “Trauma Survivors and Law Enforcement: Unintended Consequences & Righting the Ship”,  guest speaker David R. Thomas, M.S. from John Hopkins University, presented on trauma informed law enforcement response. He explained the culture of law enforcement, the importance of collaboration with the advocacy community, and how law enforcement can interview with a survivor centered approach.

Don’t forget to follow along with the powerpoint presentation!