Information Brochure on Bystander Intervention from The Ohio State University

Ohio State’s “Buckeyes Got Your Back” (BGYB) bystander intervention program aims to increase participants’ motivation to help, develop skills and confidence to respond to problems, promote safety and highlight campus and local resources.

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Prevent Connect Web Conference: health equity goals and sexual/domestic violence prevention

Prevent Connect held a web conference in late June 2014 titled All Communities are Not Created Equal: Advancing health equity goals to enhance sexual and domestic violence prevention efforts.” The webinar provided an in-depth look at sexual and domestic violence prevention work to promote health equity.

Sexual Violence Prevention

This article written by D.S. Lee, L. Guy, B. Perry, C. K. Sniffen, S. A. Mixson titled “Sexual Violence Prevention” for The Prevention Researcher. The article focuses on improving primary prevention efforts through recommended strategies. 

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D.S. Lee, L. Guy, B. Perry, C. K. Sniffen, S. A. Mixson, (2007) Sexual Violence Prevention,The Prevention Researcher, Volume 14(2), pp. 15-20. ©2007, Integrated Research Services, Inc. Used with permission.