Comprehensive Prevention Efforts: How SARTs Can Play a Role

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Through Oregon’s Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force, Ashley Maier and Alexa Priddy provide comprehensive information on how SARTs can play a role in prevention efforts.

Some of their advice includes examples prevention like:

  • community engagement efforts that seek to change norms about the acceptability of sexual violence and enhance protective factors that inhibit sexual violence from occurring;
  • efforts that engage youth and strengthen developmental assets;
  • and initiatives that promote the status of women and girls and focus on the issues of male sexual entitlement and violence.

Click below to read through their suggestions.

Author: Sari Lipsett

Sari Lipsett has worked in Wisconsin and California doing prevention education and programing, survivor advocacy, public policy and grants management. Sari works in CALCASA’s Southern California Office where it is sunny all the time.

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