Podcast: Evaluating Prevention Programming in North Carolina


PreventConnect’s podcast, A Campus-Community Partnership for Prevention: Evaluating Prevention Programming in North Carolinadiscusses the prevention evaluation partnership between the University of North Carolina and their local rape crisis center.


Engaging bystanders in sexual violence prevention in English and Spanish

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Engaging Bystanders in Sexual Violence Prevention is a resource from the NSVRC.  This resource is also available in Spanish.

On the resource:

“This book presents a compelling orientation to the importance of engaging bystanders in sexual violence prevention. The narrative provides background on the development of an approach that empowers each of us to be involved in prevention. It discusses various reasons why individuals who witness a range of inappropriate behaviors may or may not take action, and presents ways to encourage and develop greater bystander involvement. Finally, this book serves as an excellent training resource; it provides activities and trainer instructions throughout that make it a useful educational guide on bystander engagement in sexual violence prevention.” 


Prevent Connect Web Conference: health equity goals and sexual/domestic violence prevention

Prevent Connect held a web conference in late June 2014 titled All Communities are Not Created Equal: Advancing health equity goals to enhance sexual and domestic violence prevention efforts.” The webinar provided an in-depth look at sexual and domestic violence prevention work to promote health equity.

Preventing sexual violence on college campuses: lessons from research and practice

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This resource was prepared for the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault report of April 2014. The document has three parts that focus on: primary prevention strategies, prevention activities from the CDC’s Rape Prevention and Education program, and campus program prevention examples. Click here to view the document and learn more.

Guide for discussing healthy sexuality

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For Sexual Assault Awareness Month in 2012, the NSVRC (National Sexual Violence Resource Center) provided a guide and practical tools for advocates, counselors, and prevention educators to discuss healthy sexuality. Click here to work with your community and implement programs on healthy sexuality as a form of sexual violence prevention.

Assessing Campus Readiness for Prevention: Supporting Campuses in Creating Safe and Respectful Communities

This publication by the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR) presents a new approach for assessing campus readiness for sexual violence preventions and advocacy. Written primarily by Sharon M. Wasco, PhD. with help from Liz Zadnick through PCAR, this publication discusses a new approach helping “sexual assault preventionists leverage their expertise to support college communities’ sexual violence prevention work”.

Click below to read the publication.

Preventing Sexual Violence on Campus: Issue of Partners in Social Change

This edition of the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs’ newsletter Partners in Social Change focuses on campus prevention and highlights the efforts of the health and wellness centers of both Washington State University and Western Washington University. A topic also featured in the newsletter is the role of technology, such as the Hollaback! Against Campus Harassment campaign and the iPhone app Circleof6, plays in college campus prevention efforts. This resource includes articles by Kat Monusky (Thinking about Campus Prevention), Jaclyn Friedman (Combating the Campus Rape Crisis).

Click below to read the newsletter.