Campus dating violence factsheet

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The Campus Dating Violence fact sheet is provided by the Office on Violence Against Women, the Dating Violence Resource Center, and the National Center for Victims of Crimes.   This factsheet provides statistics and resources related to dating violence on university and college campuses.

Fact sheet: health care providers and screening for interpersonal and domestic violence

A fact sheet from the Office of Women’s Health provides information and resources on how health providers can screen for interpersonal and domestic violence. Click below to view the resource.

Fact sheet on community assessments

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center released a fact sheet on community assessments as part of the National Sexual Assault Demonstration Initiative Toolkit to support the growth of sexual assault services within multi-service programs.

Click below to have an overview of the toolkit and learn more about conducting community assessments.

What is Intimate Partner Violence?

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In an effort to provide information on Intimate Partner Violence, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) created an intimate partner violence Fact Sheet helping define what intimate partner violence means.

It also has great resources and hotlines on who to call if anyone needs help.


Click here to read the fact sheet.


Click here to read the definitions of intimate partner violence.