Two Peer Education Programs from Northeastern University

Every year, millions of Americans are effected by violence. They are our mothers and fathers, our sisters and brothers, our sons and daughters, and our friends. It is time we all do something to stop violence. The Center for the Study of Sport in Society offers two innovative programs that address violence prevention using the Bystander Approach:  Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) and Project Teamwork (PTW).

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Prevention and Intervention of Interpersonal Violence through NCAA

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) hosts a page on Violence Prevention of Interpersonal Violence. According to the NCAA, the athletics departments in schools have a responsibility to effectively address interpersonal violence and sexual assault among their athletes, coaches, and supervisors so that they can intervene in cases like sexual assault, hazing, harassment and abuse.

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Health care settings and addressing intimate partner violence, reproductive and sexual coercion

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This resource provides information on how health care settings (such as college health centers) can respond to interpersonal violence, reproductive and sexual coercion.  Click here to find more information.

Fact sheet: health care providers and screening for interpersonal and domestic violence

A fact sheet from the Office of Women’s Health provides information and resources on how health providers can screen for interpersonal and domestic violence. Click below to view the resource.