Final Regulatory Implementations

On January 27, 2015, the U.S. Department of Education this morning released the final implementing regulations for th Campus SaVE Act/VAWA amendment to Clery on the Federal Register Website at the link below. They will be formally published on Monday and take effect July 1, 2015.

To read the changes and the rest of the Violence Against Women Act, click on view resource below!

Moving Forward: Next Steps in Compliance with the VAWA Amendments to Clery

This webinar presented by the Clery Center reviews the changes established March 2013 for schools to comply with in the following year on their Annual Security Report. The main agenda of this webinar is to clarify the new change of the Clery Act, what the Campus SaVE Act means under the Violence Against Women Act, and also suggest possible avenues of collaboration between schools to comply to the new changes.

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Sample Language for Interim and Supportive Measure to Protect Students Following an Allegation of Sexual Misconduct

This document presented by the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Misconduct provides assistance on how “interim measures” required by Title IX can be incorporated into a college’s sexual misconduct policy and offers sample policy language.

This is not meant to replace actual policy making by campus administration, but it helps to inform how policies should be stated and enforced by campus officials.

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Negotiated Rulemaking 2013-2014 Violence Against Women Act

This webpage contains information about the rulemaking efforts on the Violence Against Women Act. It outlines changes that occurred to the Clery Act with the reauthorization of VAWA in 2013. You can find more information here.



VAWA Amendments to Clery Checklist

Created by the Clery Center for Security on Campus, this checklist provides a method of evaluating what practices currently exist at a specific college or university related to the Violence Against Women Act amendments to the Clery Act and identifying action steps moving forward.

Click on the link be樂威壯
low to access the checklist:
VAWA Checklist

From Outline to Action: Implementation of the VAWA Amendments to Clery

In 2013 the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act expanded the Clery Act to include additional rights for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. On October 20, 2014, the final regulations for the Violence Against Women Act amendments to the Clery Act were published by the Department of Education.In this webinar, Abigail Boyer from the Clery Center for Security On Campus and James Moore III the Director and Compliance Manager for the Clery Act Compliance Division of the U.S. Department of Education highlighted:

-Updated requirements and timeline for implementation
-Key changes to the law and frequently asked questions
-Resources, best practices, and “action items” for colleges and universities

Follow this link to hear and watch this webinar: “From Outline to Action: Implementation of the VAWA Amendments to Clery”