Preventing Violence and Promoting Safety in Higher Education Settings

This document reviews the scope of campus violence, describes factors that cause and contribute to violence and lists recommendations that administrators, students, faculty, staff and community members can follow to review and improve their policies and strengthen their programs and services.

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Center for Court Innovation Violence Prevention Publications

The Center for Court Innovation has created publications regarding violence prevention. A number of these articles can be used to inform research or policy for schools or individuals who want more information with respects how law works with prevention programming.

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Coaching Coaches: A Sexual Violence Prevention Education Website for Coaches

The University of North Caroline-Greensboro hosts a sexual violence prevention website for coaches called “Coaching Coaches”.

The training materials were specifically designed for high school coaches and athletic administrators to help prevent the use of sexually violent language in athletic settings. This course aims to teach coaches to move away from rather than teach athletes to become desensitized to an abusive dialogue to empower them to play harder.

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VetoViolence from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Hosted through Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Veto Violence is a site committed to comprehensive violence prevention.

They have information on different approaches such as primary prevention, public health, and a socio-ecological model towards preventing violence. They also have a variety of tools & training mechanisms to teach on prevention violence. To view this extensive body of resource, click on the “view resource” button below.

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