University of Minnesota’s Administrative Procedure in Responding to Stalking, Sexual and Dating Violence

The University of Minnesota provides procedures to follow when members of their community (administrators, students, faculty, and staff) notice signs of sexual violence on their campus.

Read the University of Minnesota administrative procedure lays out specific details on how each department of their community is to respond to an incident of sexual assault. The university provides information on responding to survivors, the result of reporting to certain offices, and resources to provide survivors.

Q&A on Title IX and Sexual Violence

The Office on Civil Rights has released this new Q&A on Title IX and Sexual Violence. This specific PDF document contains a breakdown on how schools have an obligation to respond to sexual violence, how students are protected by Title IX, Title IX procedural requirements, a breakdown of confidentiality, investigations and hearings, interim measures, Title IX training education and prevention, etc.

While there is more information regarding Title IX on this document, there is also more general information regarding sex discrimination on the Office of Civil Rights FAQ page.





American College Health Association Campus Sexual Violence Resources

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Campus and Sexual Violence Resources by American College Health Association is an index page of American College Health Association (ACHA) resources and external resources on the topic of campus sexual assault.  Resources include association projects, programs, publications, guidelines, and more.

Click through the above links to read the resources.

Beyond Title IX: Guidelines for Preventing and Responding to Gender-Based Violence in Higher Education

Created by Futures Without Violence with the help of the AVON Foundation for Women, this guide is intended for “teams of campus stakeholders working to develop an integrated and consistent approach to the issue of gender-based violence for their institution. It promoted a focused and coherent system of supports to create a climate that encourages respectful non-violent relationships and addresses all forms of gender-based violence”.

Click here to read through the guide.


Campus Sexual Violence Prevention Portal

Brought to you by the Minnesota Department of Health, the Campus Sexual Violence Prevention Portal is a page where you will find resources for college students, faculty, staff, journalists and parents on preventing sexual violence. Aside from offering research and resources about sexual violence, the Campus Sexual Violence Prevention Portal provides a foundation for agencies located in Minnesota to partner with other agencies and organizations located in Minnesota.

Click here to view the resource page.