Title IX Conflicts: The Role of Law Enforcement

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In Volume 7, Issue 3 of the SAFVIC On the Scene Newsletter Gary J. Margolis & Steven J. Healy write about the role of law enforcement and Title IX. In this article, Margolis and Healy clarify what the responsibilities of campus and/or local law enforcement in helping schools comply with federal law. They further elaborate the role of law enforcement in compliance with Title IX.

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Title IX and Mandatory Reporting: Interpreting “Must Promptly Investigate”

This webinar presented by MSCASA joined with Victim Rights Law Center to present, Title IX and Mandatory Reporting: Interpreting “Must Promptly Investigate,” focused on the Dear Colleague Letter which issued Title IX guidance related to sexual assault. Lindy Aldrich, Esq., Deputy Director of Victim Rights Law Center presented on this topic.  She provided information about the language in the Dear Colleague Letter that addressed investigation and reporting while also discussing confidentiality and maintaining privacy within a multidisciplinary group.

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