Sample IACLEA Model Mutual Aid Agreements

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This document supplements IACLEA’s report on Strengthening Communities: Between Campus Public Safety and Federal, State, & Local Emergency Responders. It’s a sample of a mutual aid agreement between the city police department and ABC College Department of the State of Florida.

This a sample of a mutual aid agreement. In no way does it mean it is an accurate description of what a mutual aid agreement is organized but it can guide other people with organizing their own mutual aid agreements between community agencies and public institutio樂威壯

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Strengthening Communications Between Campus Public Safety and Federal, State, & Local Emergency Responders

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This report developed by the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement (IACLEA) hosts information on how the Campus Public can enhance their efforts to accomplish effective communication any time a critical campus emergency response effort arises. Five areas have been identified as basic subjects enhanceable through their information: 1 Basic Communications Concepts; 2 Communications and Emergency Management; 3 Mutual Aid – A Key Concept for Critical Incident Planning and Response; 4 Develop Communication Skills and Networks; 5 Use Campus Preparedness Assessment Tools.

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