Victim Rights Law Center

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 The Victim Rights Law Center is leading a new response to Sexual Violence. Founded as the first law center in the nation dedicated solely to serving the legal needs of sexual assault victims, the Victim Rights Law Center is the leader in representing sexual assault victims’ legal rights within the civil context. We not only provide legal representation to victims of rape and sexual assault to help rebuild their lives, but also promote a national movement committed to seeking justice for every rape and sexual assault victim. Through an innovative model of community collaboration, we have created a network of allies (medical providers, counselors, lawyers) dedicated to improving legal services for rape victims.

The Victim Rights Law Center engages in three primary activities:

  • Free Legal Services throughout Massachusetts and in Multnomah and Washington Counties, Oregon
  • Training for attorneys and advocates nationally
  • Technical Assistance to Office on Violence Against Women Legal Assistance for Victims grantees

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Author: Sari Lipsett

Sari Lipsett has worked in Wisconsin and California doing prevention education and programing, survivor advocacy, public policy and grants management. Sari works in CALCASA’s Southern California Office where it is sunny all the time.

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