IACP Sexual Assault Report Review Checklist


Created by the IACP National Law Enforcement First-Line Supervisor Training on Violence Against Women, this checklist provides a general idea the kind of information a Sexual Assault Report requires when filed. While this is not a comprehensive list of wha必利勁
t a report acquires when filed, it encourages collecting certain pieces of information to start an investigative process (if the victim asks for an investigation) but also helps keep track if the perpetrator is a repeat offender.

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IACP Response to Victims of Crime and Model Policies

The documents below are designed to accompany the Model Policy on Response to Victims of Crime established by the IACP National Law Enforcement Policy Center. They provide essential background material and supporting documentation on the developmental philosophy and implementation requirements of the model policy.

This material will be of value to law enforcement executives in their efforts to tailor the model to the requirements and circumstances of their communities and their law enforcement agencies.

IACP Sexual Assault Supplemental Report Form

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In conjunction to the IACP Sexual Assault Reports, the Sexual Assault Supplemental Report Form is a sample report form recommended to guide reporting, recording, and investigation of all alleged sexual assault incidents. The information required to fill the form may  change depending on each campus neighborhood, community district, and city.

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Sexual Assault Incident Reports

The following guidelines and interview strategies are based upon national best practices regarding sexual assault incident investigations and were developed in collaboration with local, state, and federal law enforcement, prosecutors, advocates, medical, and forensic professionals. The goal of these guidelines is to support officers and departments in preparing sexual assault cases for successful prosecution through detailed case documentation and thorough investigations.

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